We ship worldwide

Lead time for order shipping is 2-14 days depending on the que.
We mainly use couriers like DPD, UPS etc.
Shipping prices depend on destination, size and weight.
Average shipping cost in EU is 10-35 EUR per package.
Final shipping info will be provided with total value of the order.

We also ship to US,Canada, Australia and UK.

United States (mainland):

1-2 kg - 28 EUR

2-5 kg - 40 EUR

5-10kg - 65 EUR 


1-2 kg - 28 EUR

2-5 kg - 45 EUR

5-10kg - 70 EUR

United Kingdom:

1-2 kg - 22 EUR

2-5 kg - 30 EUR

5-10kg - 35 EUR


1-2kg ~ 26 EUR

2-5kg ~ 51 EUR

5-10kg ~ 80 EUR

Email us for exact product and also for shipping: hobbymill.eu@gmail.com

Our products are wrapped into plastic and sealed into carton box to prevent any damage.
All different sizes and woods are packed separately and marked according to dimensions and quantity.